The Old Port Market

a gourmet odyssey

AddressQuai de la Franternité
TimetablesEvery Sunday morning from 8am to 1pm

Every Sunday morning from 8am to 1pm, the Old Port is alive with activity, transforming this historic district into a gourmet paradise. The food market is much more than just a gathering of traders; it’s a sensory experience where flavours, aromas and colours combine to create an unforgettable culinary symphony.

Since 12 November, the Old Port Food Market has been in full swing!

Dawn of delights

As soon as dawn breaks, the first rays of sunshine in the city embrace the market stalls, revealing a dazzling array of fresh fruit and vegetables.

The shimmering colours of the stalls overflow with plump tomatoes, vibrant peppers and sun-kissed berries.

The enchanting smells of fresh mint, basil and spices tantalise visitors’ nostrils, inviting them to explore the senses.

Meet the producers

One of the most rewarding experiences of the market is the opportunity to meet producers directly.

Passionate farmers willingly share their know-how, explaining growing methods and the challenges they face.

It’s a chance for visitors to forge links with those who grow the food they eat, creating an authentic connection with the land and local traditions.

Sustainability at the heart of the market

As well as celebrating the richness of local gastronomy, the Old Port Market also has a strong focus on sustainability.

Many producers adopt environmentally-friendly practices, favouring organic and sustainable growing methods.

Reusable packaging and eco-friendly bags abound, underlining the community’s commitment to a planet-friendly lifestyle.

Every Sunday morning, the Old Port food market offers a unique sensory and culinary experience.

The diversity of local produce, the chance to meet producers and the festive atmosphere mean that visitors leave with a basket full of delights and a heart full of gourmet memories.

It’s a weekly rendez-vous that transcends the simple act of shopping to become a veritable culinary odyssey to the heart of local food tradition and passion.

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