Address • 86 Quai du Port 13002 Marseille Phone • +33 (0)4 91 52 89 39

Panier District

Oldest district of Marseille

Panier: a district with authentic charm

You can’t visit Marseille without visiting the Panier. It is the oldest and most typical district of the city, and with it begins the history of the city.

Being in the Panier is like being in a village in Provence with its authentic charm and forgetting that you are in the centre of Marseille.

The conviviality and the gentle atmosphere that reign there are pleasant. Between the flowery and green streets, the small café terraces, the colourful facades, the beautiful street art frescoes and the small designer shops, you won’t know where to turn: it’s a real open-air museum!

Nearest stop

Stop 12Avenue Robert Schuman (13002)