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Consignes Sanitaires

Former customs of Marseille

Les Consignes Sanitaires: headquarters of the Marseille Sanitary Intendancy

n the 18th century, the beautiful building of the Consigne was the headquarters of the Marseilles Sanitary Intendancy responsible for the prevention of epidemics and the systematic quarantine of ships.

It was therefore in a context of great vigilance that Marseille built the Sanitary Consignments building in 1719.

In 1720, despite these measures, the ship the Grand Saint-Antoine spread the plague throughout the city and soon throughout Provence.

In the 19th century, a second pavilion (customs building) was built in the same style.

Today, the Marseille Provence Métropole Ports Authority wishes to re-establish the harbour master’s office in the former customs building.

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