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Must-see places

Monuments and emblematic places… Discover all the unmissable sites to visit in Marseille to organise your discovery trip!

Fort Saint-Jean de Marseille • Lieu Emblématique • Colorbüs


Fort Saint-Jean marks the entrance to the Old Port and offers an exceptional view of the city. It is now part of the MuCEM, to which it is linked by an imposing ultra-modern footbridge overlooking the sea.


The Mucem is an exceptional jewel with a unique architecture. More than a museum, the Mucem is an emblematic site symbolising the marriage of Marseilles and the Mediterranean, and is a source of pride for the inhabitants.
Visiter le MuCEM - Musée des civilisations de l'Europe et de la Méditerranée • Lieu Emblématique • Colorbüs
Les Terrasses du Port • Centre Commercial Marseille • Shopping & Souvenirs • Colorbüs


A must-see shopping destination in Marseille, Les Terrasses du Port is located in a lively, animated and culturally rich environment that offers a variety of services to visitors.


In the heart of the Joliette district, Les Docks Village offers a new generation of urban lifestyle centre, combining shopping and leisure, in a historic building symbolic of the port.
Les Docks Village de Marseille • Shopping & Gastronomie • Colorbüs
Vieille Charité • Lieux Emblématiques de Marseille • Colorbüs


The Vieille Charité, which was once a place of refuge for the city's poor and beggars, is naturally located in the heart of the Panier district, the city's historic centre. This emblematic place of Old Marseille now houses a real cultural centre.


Le Panier is located on a hillock in the centre of Marseille, its narrow streets intertwine and lead to pleasant squares. Being in Le Panier is like being in a charming Provencal village and forgetting that you are in the centre of Marseille.
Quartier du Panier • Lieux Emblématiques de Marseille • Colorbüs
Cathédrale La Major de Marseille • Lieux Emblématiques • Colorbüs


The Cathedral of Sainte-Marie-Majeure, known as the Cathedral of La Major by the people of Marseille, is one of the emblems of Marseille because it is unique and represents the power of the city. Today, you can't visit Marseille without marvelling at La Major.


The Consignes Sanitaires building, built in 1719 by the architect Mazin, was constructed to house the doctors and surgeons responsible for the sanitary control of sailors and ships entering the port of Marseille. It was the headquarters of the sanitary intendance until the 19th century, when the customs building was built identically.
Canebière de Marseille • Lieux Emblématiques • Colorbüs


Canebière is of course a must-see, whether you are a local or a tourist. Nevertheless, the time when one came to La Canebière to shop is long gone. Nevertheless, it remains a must-see. The inhabitants of Marseille, as well as the tourists, crowd into the small streets in a friendly and commercial atmosphere.


A few steps from the Old Port, the Place aux Huiles is an old square along a canal that used to unload barrels of oil for the soap makers. Today it is a friendly place with bars, restaurants and small pleasant shops.
Place aux Huiles - Cours Estienne d'Orves • Lieux Emblématiques de Marseille • Colorbüs
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