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Old Charity

Emblematic place of the Old Marseille

Vieille Charité: a true cultural centre in the heart of Marseille

Formerly a place of refuge for the city’s poor and beggars, the Vieille Charité now houses a true cultural centre in the heart of Marseille.

An emblematic place in Old Marseille, this architectural complex is naturally located in the heart of the Panier district, which is the historic core of the city.

It all began in 1640, following a royal edict to “lock up the poor and beggars”, the municipality decided to build the Vieille Charité to house the needy.

Today, the Centre de la Vieille Charité houses several multi-cultural structures: the Museum of Mediterranean Archaeology, the Museum of African, Oceanian and Amerindian Arts (M.A.A.O.A), temporary exhibitions and a cinema, Le Miroir. The whole complex is managed by the Marseille Museums Department.

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