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Fort Saint-Nicolas of Marseille

Former military citadel

Fort Saint-Nicolas de Marseille • Lieu Emblématique • Colorbüs
Fort Saint-Nicolas de Marseille • Lieu Emblématique • Colorbüs

Fort Saint-Nicolas: fort overlooking the Old Port of Marseille

Fort Saint-Nicolas is a military building that served both to protect the city against invasions, but above all to protect itself from the people of Marseille and their independent and rebellious spirit. It faces Fort Saint-Jean, located on the other side of the Old Port.

The fortress is cut into two parts. The part that borders the sea was named Fort Ganteaume and houses the military circle and the officers’ mess. The part on the land side, the high fort, is called Fort d’Entrecasteaux.

Only part of Fort Saint-Nicolas is open to the public and can be visited. This is an opportunity to climb the ramparts of this Marseille monument and admire the superb view of the port and the city of Marseille.

The complex has been classified as a historical monument since 1969.

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