Tourist attractions are one of those things that naturally raise questions, concerns and doubts. So we are here to reassure you. For frequent questions and more, this is the place.
What is a sightseeing bus tour?

Tourist bus tours take you through a city on specific routes.

You can get on and off the bus at any of the designated stops to explore everything the city has to offer.

The stops are strategically located throughout the city, allowing you to easily move around and visit the most popular attractions.

How many routes and stops are there on the tourist bus?

You can visit Marseille thanks to our 2 tourist tours.

The red line, with its double-decker buses, has 14 stops and the blue line has 11 stops.

How long does a circuit last?

Our 2 tourist tours last 1 hour and 15 minutes.

How often do buses pass at each stop?

The frequency varies between the red line and the blue line.

For the Red Line
The average waiting time between buses is 20 to 30 minutes.

For the Blue Line
The average waiting time between buses is 30 minutes.

Please note that the frequency of buses may vary depending on traffic conditions.

Can I use the Hop-On Hop-On Hop-Off Bus on weekends?

Yes, the buses operate 7 days a week, from 10am to 6pm.

Are the tours commented on?

All tours have pre-recorded audio commentaries in 8 languages, explaining interesting information about the city’s history, culture and points of interest.

Is the audioguide available in my language?

The comments of our visits are made in French, English, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese and Japanese, broadcasted by individual headphones offered at boarding.

Are buses wheelchair accessible?

4 of our double-decker buses are wheelchair accessible. All our wheelchair spaces can accommodate wheelchairs up to 70 cm wide, 120 cm long and 135 cm high. If your wheelchair is bigger than this one or if you don’t know if it will fit on the bus, please contact us.

Our buses cannot accommodate two or more people in wheelchairs in safe conditions. Therefore, if there is already a wheelchair user on the bus you want to take, you will unfortunately have to wait for the next one.

Please ask the driver to help you if necessary.

Where can I buy tickets?

Directly on our website, in our Colorbüs shop at 86 Quai du Port 13002 Marseille or from one of our official ticket vendors.

Is the payment platform secure?

Yes, all payments are secure.

Our online payment system is completely secure and has security encryption technology (using SSL) to prevent fraud and unauthorized transactions. We never have access to your bank details or your card information. We enhance security with 3D secure payments, which means you can receive a message from your bank to confirm the payment.

If you have any questions about privacy, please review our Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy.

What payment method do you accept?

If you buy your ticket online, you can pay with major credit cards, such as MasterCard and Visa.

On board our buses, you can pay in cash, cheques and holiday vouchers.

Can 2-day and 48-hour tickets be used on two separate days of the week?

No, the 2-day ticket is valid for two consecutive days, regardless of when you first board the tourist bus.

How do I know if the tour or course has been modified?

In the event of changes to a tour or route, these will be announced on the pages of Colorbus’ social networks, as well as on the specific pages of the tour on this website.


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